5 strategies to find a job during the recession

find a job during the recession

Find a job during the recession

The global pandemic has brought about an economic recession and mass unemployment. Now more than ever it is hard to find a job during the recession.

But there can be a silver lining to this glum news. By taking the time that you now have available, you can brush up on your job application skills. We have prepared these 5 strategies to help you come out on top:

1. Develop your self awareness

Discover your job skills, personality type, core values and fit for different organisational cultures. Learn how to develop confidence and resilience during your job search process. By fully understanding your job skills and your personality type, you will be able to ‘sell yourself’ better to an employer. They will need to know you can be an immediate member of their existing team. You can learn how to do all of this by taking our Developing Self Awareness Course.

This course is a recommended prerequisite for anybody seeking to find work. Learn about who you are before then pitching yourself in job applications. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to find a job during the recession.

2. Learn how to navigate the hidden job market

Beat the COVID unemployment statistics by finding a job that might not ever be advertised. Did you know that many jobs are not advertised, and one of the key strategies for tapping into this ‘hidden’ job market is networking? You are already more connected than you might think. Learn the skills you need to unlock the hidden job market.

In this course you can start to build your own online network, learn the tips to become a successful networker, and put your value proposition to good work. You can enrol for our Hidden Job Market course here.

3. Find advertised work

Until recently, career happiness was a trade off between work you enjoy, job security and a solid income. After COVID 19, for many, career happiness has become the ability to keep putting food on the table. Finding work during a recession can be hard. If you need to update your written job application skills, (including your resumes, cover letters and selection criteria responses), and could use a refresher about the selection process, then read on. We have developed a course that helps you to find a job during the recession. If you need to update your job application skills, then this short course is for you.

4. Improve your job interview skills

How long has it been since you last had a job interview? As the novel coronavirus spreads to cities all over the world, it might change the way you have a  job interview. If you are facing the prospect of a pivot to a video interview, don’t stress. We’ve got a plethora of resources to help you feel just as comfortable and confident conveying your skills and expertise on-camera as you do in person. In this Course you are going to learn about how to prepare for and be successful at a job interview. We will cover learning content before you will practise answering interview questions in both written and video format. We have tailored the content for this course to suit both in-person (face to face) interviews and video interviews. Enrol for our Job Interview Skills course here.

5. Become fully prepared for your first days and weeks on the job

If you have been able to find a job during COVID, the last thing you can afford to do is lose it again. Once you have been successful at a job interview, it is always a good idea to be prepared for your first days and weeks at work. In this course we will help you with dress code, arrival tips, workplace behaviours, how to create and maintain positive workplace relationships, tips for remembering names, when to leave and how to perform well. Your recruitment journey isn’t quite over yet when you get the magical call offering you a job. Navigating your salary, benefits and working conditions with a little bit of extra care will form a firm foundation for your career growth. Take our Starting Work course here.

Find a job during COVID