Case Study: The University of Queensland

When the Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education (ICTE) at The University of Queensland was seeking support for teaching staff who had lost their employment contracts, we knew just the right bundle of courses to offer.

Like most English Language Intensive Course providers, ICTE had been impacted by dramatically reduced student numbers due to COVID travel restrictions.

As is the case with all employers, education providers are very reluctant to let staff go.

Brett Blacker, CEO of English Australia has said, “We face the greatest challenge that our sector has ever faced, but our sector is incredibly capable and resilient. English Australia will do everything in its power to make sure that our sector survives,” he added.

Ian Pratt, the managing director of Lexis English which has six centres in Australia and employs 330 people, told The Australian the business had suffered “massive cancellations”.

“We have very highly trained staff and, when we lose them, it’s going to be spectacularly difficult getting them back,” he said.

Job Readiness Training courses have been developed to enable released staff members to engage with other learners who are experiencing similar circumstances. While learners work through course content to refresh their job application skills, they are able to connect with other learners around Australia who are undertaking the same set of exercises. This social constructivist technique allows for peer to peer learning to help embed learning content and maintain learner engagement.

Regardless of the stage of their careers, new job seekers need to learn how to deal with their emotional response to losing their job, before preparing a new budget and financial response to losing work. This will help them find time to prepare a plan of action to relaunch their career. The Dealing with Job Loss and Redundancy Course was immediately offered to ICTE staff as part of the Relaunch Your Career course bundle.

Course material provided to The University of Queensland staff was designed to suit all learning types:

How it worked for UQ staff

University of Queensland staff were provided with a unique coupon code and Job Readiness Training bundle url, which enabled them to self-register and commence their asynchronous training in their own time and at their own pace. The bundle included the following course material:

Dealing With Job Loss and Redundancy

Losing your job can be hard. Use this course to develop a change of mindset and a plan of action to transition to new employment.

Developing Self Awareness

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the employment of millions of people, globally. Many of these people need to update their job application and employability skills. This online training course has been designed to do just that.

The Hidden Job Market

Beat the COVID unemployment statistics by finding a job that might not ever be advertised. You are already more connected than you might think. Learn the skills you need to unlock the hidden job market.

Finding Work

Until recently, career happiness was a trade off between work you enjoy, job security and a solid income. After COVID 19, for many, career happiness has become the ability to keep putting food on the table. Finding work during a recession can be hard. If you need to update your written job application skills, (including your resumes, cover letters and selection criteria responses), and could use a refresher about the selection process, then read on.

Job Interview Skills

How long has it been since you last had a job interview? As the novel coronavirus spreads to cities all over the world, it might change the way you have a  job interview. If you are facing the prospect of a pivot to a video interview, don’t stress. We’ve got a plethora of resources to help you feel just as comfortable and confident conveying your skills and expertise on-camera as you do in person.

Starting Work

Have you been successful at a job interview? It is always a good idea to be prepared for your first days and weeks at work. In this course we will help you with dress code, arrival tips.



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