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A Brisbane startup is helping more Aussies get back into the workforce with their back to basics approach to tackling the highly competitive job market.

With one million Australians losing work this year as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are now on average 106 job seekers applying for every position advertised*.

Brisbane mates Gordon Scott and Philip Winning saw the need to help unemployed Aussies by giving them the practical skills, and confidence, to relaunch their career.

“It’s never been tougher to find a job. People who have never needed a resume or cover letter, let alone a LinkedIn profile, don’t know how to compete for a job,” Mr Scott said.

“Job Readiness Training is all about teaching people those practical skills to move forward; helping them deal with the emotional trauma of being made redundant and giving them the confidence to stand out in such an overcrowded job market.”

For less than $100, Job Readiness Training offers jobseekers a bundle of six courses which helps get their job application skills up to scratch.

Topics include dealing with job loss and redundancy, developing self-awareness, the hidden job market, finding work, job interview skills and starting work.

The courses are designed by qualified career counsellors and the program has twice been recognised as a global award finalist for online employability training.

Philip Winning said it’s been wonderful to see the program helping jobseekers, just weeks after launching online.

“We’re looking down the barrel of JobSeeker and JobKeeper subsidies drying up so we need to prepare for the unemployment rate literally skyrocketing come March,” Mr Winning said.

“Helping people get back to work has to be a priority and we’re just so thrilled that the feedback we’re already receiving is that our program has done just that, we know it works”.

Nicki Blake signed up to a Job Readiness Training course when she was made redundant in September from a position she’d held for 12 years.

“I did find it very useful because it focused on acknowledging that you will have very strong feelings when you lose your job and you need to deal with those from the outset before you can put yourself back on the job market,” Ms Blake said.

“The course had great checklists and step-by-step guides that were easy to digest. I did it over three days but really you can choose your own pace.”

Gordon and Philip said the top tips for jobseekers to relaunch their career after job loss are;

1) Deal with the emotional response
2) Get on top of your finances
3) Polish your application (resume/cover letter/LinkedIn)
4) Network the hidden job market
5) Resilience – get yourself out there and don’t give up!

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