We support large scale enterprise clients with a custom co-branded solution to suit your organisation.

The scale and speed of COVID-19’s impact on job markets is difficult to comprehend. Job Readiness Training supports business owners, operators and employees at scale through accessible online training.

Corporate clients and governments have a strong interest in pursuing rapid economic recovery. Now there is an opportunity to roll out large scale delivery of online training designed to help you to transition to a post-COVID economy.

We know the best way to support economic recovery is to help your workforce to re-skill.

You can license our training to be delivered at scale for your business or your government jurisdiction.

Governments and corporate clients are supported with purpose-built co-branded training platforms. Designed for large-scale use, your solution will help to support the jobs and economic recovery of your region.

find a job during the recession

If you are a corporate or enterprise client looking to support economic recovery at scale, please get in touch to learn more about a custom training solution.