Employment Essentials

Supporting greater employment by improving job seeker success rates. Our globally recognised training is designed to help job seekers become ready to apply for work, nail the interview, land the job and keep it.

Our Employment Essentials bundle includes 3 critical courses to help you land your next job.

Courses included in the bundle:

Finding Work – Written Job Application Skills

For many job seekers, career happiness has become the ability to keep putting food on the table. Finding work during a recession can be hard. This course is designed to improve your job seeker success rate by helping you deliver essential job application skills to multiple job seekers at scale. View course

Job Interview Skills

This course provides essential job interview skills and helps people to learn how to prepare for video interviews in the COVID environment. Job seekers become comfortable and confident conveying their skills and expertise on-camera and in person. View course

Starting Work and Staying Employed

Designed to help job seekers prepare for their first days and weeks at work, this course covers dress codes, arrival tips, workplace behaviours, how to create and maintain positive workplace relationships, tips for remembering names, when to leave for the day and how to keep the job. View course

Fast track your applications skills with the Employment Essentials bundle for $97.

Employment Essentials bundle.

$97 inc GST for 12 months

Job Readiness Training has been developed to help you transition to a post-COVID economy