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We understand how hard it can be mange the financial viability of your business during tough times. Hard decisions need to be made. To help you reduce layoff costs, we have developed an affordable range of retraining solutions.

Take a look at the Staff Retraining Bundle, available now for less than $200 per staff member.

Businesses undertake staff and other cost reductions for a number of reasons—to protect earnings, to gain synergies from an acquisition, to stave off bankruptcy.

In difficult times business can’t afford expensive outplacement services. Our training bundle has been designed to provide online support for your staff, who can choose the skills upgrades that best suit them. You don’t need to pay up to $1000 for career counselling.

Save money with Job Readiness Training.

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Case study: The University of Queensland

English language teaching staff were some of the first to be released from their contracts as a result of limited student numbers. Learn how our Dealing with Job Loss and Redundancy Course was provided to support these staff members.

Helping to maintain your business continuity.

Support the wellbeing of the staff you are letting go by providing them with 12 month access for only $197 per license.

Our retraining bundle includes:

Set your former employees up for life by helping them to cope with job loss and redundancy.

This course is included in the bundle, and has been designed to help develop a change of mindset and a plan of action to transition to new employment.

This course guides learners to:

  • Process the emotions associated with losing their job
  • Prepare an immediate financial plan
  • Embrace uncertainty to discover a new career path
  • Deal with the practical aspects of their redundancy
  • Access a range of health, wellbeing and financial support services
  • Redevelop identity and purpose
  • Identify strengths and values
  • Rebuild confidence and resilience
  • Create new habits focused upon their wellbeing
  • Identify different career paths
  • Determine a career direction
  • Make and commit to short term goals
  • Put a new career plan into action

Increase your chances for a better future.


Nicki’s Story

This week I’ve completed a course on Dealing with Job Loss and Redundancy through Job Readiness Training. I found it to be a very affirming and useful course that deals with the emotional responses to redundancy as well as the practicalities for newly unemployed people such as myself who are preparing for the next step.

Image used for illustrative purposes, this is not Nicki.

As you manage the people challenges arising from unemployment, providing outplacement support is one of the most important decisions you can make for your people and your organisation.

It’s a service offered to employees who have lost, or will be losing their job, to help them quickly find a new path. It’s why leading companies recognise that providing outplacement support to those facing redundancy as a result of business change is an important part of their talent strategy.

Don’t overpay for your outplacement service.

Our training helps employees to update their job application skills, deal with the emotional toll of losing work, and develop an action plan to regain employment.

Don’t overpay for outplacement services. Need help?

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Resources for each stage of the job application lifecycle. Social learning with likeminded people.

Visit our full course list to understand our range of services. From dealing with job loss & redundancy to learning how to keep the next new job, we have developed training that is designed to dramatically improve job seeker success.

Losing employment can be like losing part of our identity.

Let Job Readiness Training help your business to provide a soft landing for new job seekers.